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Find out how to offer your customers the best custom-cut mozzarella

Technology and innovation at the service of the traditional taste of mozzarella

All over the World

The Perfect Custom Cut Cheese

Personalized cheese… Starting with the brand! All our dairy products are available in a few days in private labels, with no additional costs even for minimum orders.

In addition to the fresh product without preservatives, to be consumed within 40 days, we are able to provide our customers with a IQF frozen product (Individual Quick Frozen).

We have the perfect cut for every application, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask!
Each Latticini Parma dairy product is available in customized cuts.

The professional cut mozzarella Latticini Parma is available in standard formats of 2.5 trays and in bags from 2 Kg.

Green Technology

Our gourmet private label cheese for professional use, produced in the Parma Dairy production site, maintains its features thanks to the innovative green MippSystem technology.

The new transformation method ensures the end user an always optimal, constant and longer-lasting product (without preservatives), easy and quick to work with, with significant savings in terms of production yield, preparation times and labor costs compared to to the traditional method.


“Clean” ingredient label:

we only use the essential ingredients and the shelf life is extended thanks to air cooling instead of water

Unique and patented technical characteristics of the cut

for cut, fiber, humidity and shape which are qualitatively repeated in all the individual pieces produced

Use of clean steam

which eliminates the possibility that substances that can alter the taste of the mozzarella are transferred to food

Regular fiber promotes loosening

avoids melting and guarantees the maintenance of heat on the pizza for longer

Mozzarella suitable for all types of oven

wood, electric, gas and microwave

Design of custom cuts

for all customer needs

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