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Latticini Parma SRL has always embraced ethical principles and transparency as the underlying principles of company operations, and has adopted a Governance Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231 of 2001. Since 2015, the main objective of the Model adopted has been to set up a structured, organised system of management and control procedures and principles to prevent the offences outlined in Decree 231 from being committed as far as possible.

The Model is incorporated within a corporate culture based on integrity, transparency, compliance with legislation, and the most efficient and balanced company organisation, with particular regard to the formation of decisions and their transparency, scheduling audits, and managing internal/external information.

The Model adopted by Latticini Parma SRL is based on publications approved by the scientific community and research on the matter, in addition to legal literature and High Court decisions in this area. In particular, the Model is based on the document titled Simplified Procedures for Adopting Governance Models for SMEs (suitably adapted to company requirements). This document was approved by the Advisory Commission pursuant to article 6 of legislative decree 81/08 on 27 November 2013, and published on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Policy. The code principles published by the Ministry were taken into consideration (use of union agreements, codes of conduct and ethics), in addition to the suggestions in the Circular dated 11 July 2011 issued by the Ministry, and the guidelines on creating governance models produced by Confindustria (Italian employers' federation). Special sections containing the company's rules and principles of governance to prevent offences being committed are defined by the internal Health & Safety Management System.

This section contains the reference documents with the principles we aspire to that underpin the dissemination and sharing of ethical values, and they are available for consultation. 

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