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Pizza is certainly the symbol of Italy and the Italians in the world, that’s why Latticini Parma represents the perfect synthesis of the best regional traditions about mozzarella, by combining cheesemakers wisdom and art with the most advanced technology in defense of hygiene and authenticity of its products.

All this is daily achieved with strict controls by the Quality Assurance, who tests rawprocessed and cooked , material to simulate the states of the product during the operational phase in a pizzeria. As consumer protection and product safety are our prime concern, “safety” and “quality” are closely observed throughout the plant to honour the commitment to the customer, who becomes part of our family.

As evidence of our care for the customer, we check and monitor in our laboratories physico-chemical and biological parameters along the production chain, starting from raw material supplies to the marketing of end products, helped by sophisticated technical tools, which enable us to get immediate results.

These checks are carried out at different times, at all different stages of production, then they are documented, according to “traceability” requirements.

And, last but not least, the compliance of the system with the law is proved by the veterinary service and the official microbiological analysis, that are conducted by accredited labs on the products for the market.

FDA Certification

LATTICINI PARMA has the FDA registration number (essential requirement for exporting food to the United States)

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